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William Franklin

Growing up with his grandparents, herding sheep and watching jewelry making, was the artist’s only exposure to art. Then, in his own words: “In 1972 I enrolled at Northern Arizona University, majored in Sociology and minored in Art. After leaving NAU I worked for the Northern Arizona Council of Governments….
From 1972 to 1979 I painted and did silver work, then in 1980 I entered the Navajo Show at the Museum of Northern Arizona., and was awarded a first place blue ribbon for an oil painting…. That same year, in August, I was accepted by the SWAI Indian Market in Santa Fe, NM.

Finding myself at the crossroads in 1984, I decided to be the real thing and become a full time artist. It was a struggle since the only schooling I had in art was my Art minor at NAU. Through trial and error I was persistent in exploring this artistic path on my own, and in my own way. Maybe because I didn’t have a teacher or mentor I developed a “no style” approach to my paintings or whatever I created. I primarily paint from my imagination and am blessed to be able to create from my soul and spirit.”

Since his breakthrough, William Franklin has become a well-known, award-winning painter.