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Vernon Haskie

Vernon Haskie is a super-nova in the Indian jewelry world. His work is eagerly sought-after by the most discerning collectors world-wide, and he is among the elite of top, prize-winning jewelers, with few rivals.
Vernon is known for his exquisite workmanship, the surpassingly high quality of his stones, and the dazzling beauty of his finished pieces. Moreover, he has a degree in math and science and gives back to his community by teaching, as well as by donating important, stunning pieces for many charitable fund-raising auctions (including the annual SWAIA auctions before Santa Fe Indian Market). He has won most of the blue-ribbons offered at Indian Market.

Living out on the Navajo, near the Chuska mountains, Vernon says he is inspired by his surroundings: “…Early morning, or sunset with the evening star, the mountains the sky…. The red mesa sunsets…are reflected in my work.” Perhaps that explains his predilection for superb, natural red coral, as well as the best of many other materials.

His studio is a treasure chest of opulence: thick branches of lustrous red coral, turquoise in many colors and sizes, gold and silver ingots, and more. Every bit of his jewelry is constructed by hand, from scratch, as it were. He cuts the stones, rolls the metals, and does it all. A piece by Vernon Haskie is a piece of Indian jewelry history – his work is destined for museum shows, now, and in the future.