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Upcoming Events at Wright’s and in the Community: Volume 1

Upcoming Events @ Wright’s and in the community:

October 12th-13th – Natural History Museum of Utah Indian Art Market

October 12th-13th – Annual Native Treasures COLLECTORS SALE (to benefit MIAC exhibitions and education programs)

October 16th – Our next Discount Giveaway drawing on Facebook!

October 17th – St. Margaret Mary’s Feast Day: Laguna Pueblo, Village of Paraje. Harvest & Social Dances.

October 26th – Native American Arts & Crafts Fair

November 9th-10th – American Indian Arts Marketplace at the Autry Museum

November 9th – Hangin’ with the Masters – Ep. 21: Bennie “Yellowman” Nelson & Benjamin Nelson (@ Wright’s) 

*NEW*November 10th – Hangin’ with the Masters – Ep. 21: Bennie “Yellowman” Nelson and Benjamin Nelson (@ True West of Santa Fe) 

*NEW*November 12th – Tesuque Pueblo: San Diego Feast Day. Flag, Buffalo, Corn, Comanche and Deer dances.