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Troy Sice

Fetish carver Troy Sice reaches back to a prehistoric Zuni pueblo tradition in the use of antler and different stones for creating animal and human forms. He is a third -generation carver, grandson of George H. CheeChee, nephew of Ramie and Miguel Haloo and half-brother of Colvin Peina.
His grandfather was known for his bird fetish necklaces and pendants since the 1930’s. His uncles started a new trend in the 1970’s with their whimsical deer antler standing bears.

Combining his own artistic views and those of his forebears, Troy set a new standard for both fetish carvers and sculptors alike. Recently, he added delightful singing and dancing bears, and his own take on the Nativity story. Troy’s version consists of carved and inlaid antler figures.

His work as been featured in many publications, and is in several museums.