Toya, Dominique

A third-generation artist from a well-known pottery family, Dominique has evolved the family style from her grandmother’s traditional corn designs, her mother, Maxine’s sinuous abstracted figures, and her sister Camilla’s swirl pots, to her own, gorgeously contemporary pieces. Among the many awards she has won, Best of Division at Santa Fe Indian Market was one of the most prestigious – best of all the pottery shown, and in contention for Best of Show!

Her specialty is astonishingly regular, knife-edged swirl pots, sometimes with micaceous slips, sometimes polished, sometimes a combination, in beige, red, and black. All are created entirely by hand, working from eye to hand without any guidelines. Other designs are sleek, polished carved or both.

Despite their contemporary and minimalist designs, all Dominique’s pots are traditionally made: the clays are collected in her pueblo’s area by hand, and mixed, coiled, formed, stone polished or coated with micaceous slips, also by hand, and pit-fired.

Dominique’s work is happily appreciated by knowledgeable collectors, worldwide, and we are pleased and proud to show her beautiful pottery, as well as her family’s.

Red Swirl Pot

Jemez Pottery has come a long way from the “tourist ware” days, and the Toya family are among the leading artists responsible for the respect it earns now. Dominique, the youngest generation of a long line of notable potters, has achieved the high honor of Best of (Pottery) Division – best of all the pottery […]


Micaceous Swirl Seed Pot

A jewel of a pot that sparkles and glitters like the precious gem it is. Dominique descends from generations of fine potters, but has continued their traditional methods to create pieces that are clearly NOT her grandmothers’! Winner of many awards, including Best of Division at Santa Fe Indian Market – the best piece of […]