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I have gone here for almost 20 years. The knowledge of art is unparalleled. The owners know artists, their families, their traditions. They major in quality in a wide range of prices. It’s a place to go when you’ve got a couple of hours to shop and/or learn. I own everything from paintings to rugs to sculpture to jewelry and consider these folks part of my extended family. I constantly introduce new people to Wright’s. Also a terrific website. Even when I am looking at something I’m not buying, it’s like a museum for me. Layaway possible. Sales periodically. Hospitable staff. Good location.

– Reviewed by jmdevries on February 4, 2018

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Knowledge and friendship

While we are long time customers, we worried about the transition from Mr B to new operators. Not to worry, Lauren and Dan, are not only family but also have retained the quality and atmosphere that have brought us back to this wonderful store.
Literally any authentic Indian item can be found here, plus knowledge of the artist who created it. This knowledge is not just verbal, it is provided / printed on the receipt of any purchase. Many of the artists are recognized both nationally and internationally for the quality of their work.
No pressure to purchase, simply look and enjoy.

We travel extensively in the Southwest looking for native American art, in our opinion, Wright’s is the undisputed place to go. Lauren and Dan are continuing the outstanding family tradition. You have to see it to believe!!!


– Reviewed by Wes M on April 15, 2018

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Beautiful art works, wonderful people.

– Karen B.


Beautiful store with a wonderful, professional staff.

– Lisa H.


Beautiful place… A must go every single time…

– Cloudy Skies Reano


Quality, quality, quality art! A ‘must see ‘ when in Albuquerque. 

– L. Eugene N.


Visited this beautiful store for the first time today. Wow! They have such beautiful jewelry, art, pottery and some of the friendliest, most enthusiastic people in town. Highly recommended. Easy to find and plenty of free parking too.

– Lynne S.


Wright’s Indian Art is an Albuquerque staple. Everything is high quality and I like it all, especially the jewelery. Every media of Native art is tastefully interwoven in a presentation of elegance and comfort. A must visit!

– Michael T.


Beautiful authentic Native American gallery! The ultimate in art and artists. Thank you all so much for continuing to offer us this wonderful place to shop!

– Carol C.


Love the collection and the artists that are represented, a class act done with professionalism and pride! Thank You Wayne!

– Lyle Y.


We were at Wrights a few days ago in search of a special doll. We found the doll, and another object we fell in love with on the discount clearance table. We were touched when we got home to find that our special pottery figure, that was slightly damaged, had received total first class care and was packaged with great respect!! Everyone there is so kind and helpful! And such a beautiful selections of art for all price ranges, we can’t wait to go back!! Thanks again for your help.

– Janet H.

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Great selection. Very helpful and friendly! The fact that they focus on the artists rather than the price tag is amazing.

– DynoDysaster Doom

Gorgeous artworks! Wide selection of media and styles to choose from, from oil paintings to glass to metal works and jewellery. Staff were courteous and really seemed to appreciate our business!

– death by paradox

Lovely shop with wonderful authentic art, jewelry, pottery, baskets, masks and textiles. The staff are knowledgeable and friendly. Highly recommend.

– Lynne S.

Knowledgeable staff. Beautiful pieces of art!!

– Lara E.


Anonymous User

Family owned and friendly


I am a collector and believe that this is the finest American Indian Art store in NM. Jewelry, paintings, pottery and sculpture are the best in the marketplace. Traditional and cutting edge alike. Way better than Santa Fe galleries and also locally owned, which is nice. High end work available. Owners respect the cultures they represent. Thank God for layaway!

– Reviewed by Greg M on 6/30/2018
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Long family association

When my husband’s family moved to Albuquerque in 1957, they found Wright’s, and over the years they were frequent visitors. I don’t know exactly how much they acquired through Wright’s, but we inherited some nice pieces of pottery and jewelry.
My sister-in-law, now deceased, moved out of Albq. in 1973 or 1974, but on every visit back, she would make a trip to Wright’s and put things on lay-away, pay on them regularly, and when paid for, Mr. B would ship the items off to her—unless she made another trip back to town and picked them up—then made more purchases on lay-away.
When my husband and I relocated here in 1993, one of our first visits was to Wright’s and he bought my first pair of “real” Southwest earrings for my birthday later that year. Over the years, it became a tradition that we would visit Wright’s in November, during the 20%-off days, and I would pick out several things that I really liked. Then I would wander to another part of the store while Hubby decided which things to put away. From November forward, we had my birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, our anniversary, and Mother’s day coming up. When one of those celebrations approached, he would go to Wright’s, pull one item out of lay-away, and have it boxed for me for that occasion. I always knew “what” I was getting, but I didn’t know exactly WHAT I was getting. Sometimes I’d even forget between November and March or May which item(s) I had picked out.
I have a huge collection of jewelry that Hubby has gotten through Wright’s, and this store will always have the best and prettiest of things. Mr. B was so good about purchasing one-of-a-kind things from his vendors, and I have every confidence that the new owners/managers will continue that tradition.

Nancy Laird

LOVE this bracelet!

I took advantage of Wright’s sale and bought a Vernon A Begaye bracelet. It is a fantastic work of art and so very comfortable. I am always happy with my purchases!


Wonderful Gallery

I live in Hi. Am unable to travel. So happy they have online gallery. I have never seen shop with such unique and beautiful pieces. I have purchased a few items. Love their in depth descriptions of items and artists. Have bought jewelry glass fetish and now my first piece of mixed media art. I look almost every day just to browse. Wonderful to communicate with. Warm and friendly people. If I had a bucket list visiting this gallery would be on it

Sandra Walker

Nick Rosetta Heishi Necklace

Beautiful in it simplicity. Perfect for layering but will stand out. I could wear this everday

Sandra Walker


Received the rug pattern earrings by Roland Brady. They are beautifully executed. Light weight but have a great presence on the ear. Perfect earring to wear with anything. This gallery brings in such unique items. Modern but with Native American symbolism. I look forward every week or so when they show new pieces online.

Sandra Walker


Tommy Jackson red spiny arrowhead ring is just remarkable I usually don’t wear rings this big but it is so well balanced and comfortable I will wear it. Shell is deep red with wonderful striations. The silver work is so unique and compliments stone perfectly. I will wear it often

Sandra Walker

On Rose Hill

Vibrant red offset by metallic silver and muted gold. To me it’s like waking up from dream where part is vivid but disappears as you come fully awake. Every time I look at it see something new. Have many nice pictures on my wall. My eyes are drawn to this one first

Sandra Walker

Jennifer Curtis cuff

I love to layer but want each cuff to stand out. Jennifer Curtis layers beautifully but stands out. I chose simple design. Little worried that being narrow it would not stand out. I was so pleased with how beautiful this narrow but heavy gauge silver is. Fits beautifully as it is oval cuff. Very comfortable. Recommend that anyone who likes remarkable silver work to make a statement without stone presence look at her work. Also like that gallery says she is know to be best woman doing silver work today. Also again will emphasize heavy gauge of her silver pieces. This is big plus in quality of work

Sandra Walker

Slender Contemporary Pendent

This caught my eye for several reasons. Unique. Not overly large but has presence. Has garnet stone. My birthstone. Lovely silver craftsmanship. This gallery continues to present most interesting and unusual pieces of any online Native American site I have found. The customer service is outstanding!! I believe I have reviewed every piece I have purchased. Some I wear everyday. Thank you for making me feel like a welcome member of your community

Sandra Walker