Long family association

When my husband’s family moved to Albuquerque in 1957, they found Wright’s, and over the years they were frequent visitors. I don’t know exactly how much they acquired through Wright’s, but we inherited some nice pieces of pottery and jewelry.
My sister-in-law, now deceased, moved out of Albq. in 1973 or 1974, but on every visit back, she would make a trip to Wright’s and put things on lay-away, pay on them regularly, and when paid for, Mr. B would ship the items off to her—unless she made another trip back to town and picked them up—then made more purchases on lay-away.
When my husband and I relocated here in 1993, one of our first visits was to Wright’s and he bought my first pair of “real” Southwest earrings for my birthday later that year. Over the years, it became a tradition that we would visit Wright’s in November, during the 20%-off days, and I would pick out several things that I really liked. Then I would wander to another part of the store while Hubby decided which things to put away. From November forward, we had my birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, our anniversary, and Mother’s day coming up. When one of those celebrations approached, he would go to Wright’s, pull one item out of lay-away, and have it boxed for me for that occasion. I always knew “what” I was getting, but I didn’t know exactly WHAT I was getting. Sometimes I’d even forget between November and March or May which item(s) I had picked out.
I have a huge collection of jewelry that Hubby has gotten through Wright’s, and this store will always have the best and prettiest of things. Mr. B was so good about purchasing one-of-a-kind things from his vendors, and I have every confidence that the new owners/managers will continue that tradition.