Hangin’ with the Masters 1st Annual Artist Showcase

Wright’s Indian Art is proud to present the Hangin’ with the Masters 1st Annual Artist Showcase!

The 1st Annual Artist Showcase will be in our studio on Saturday, August 11th from 11am until 5pm.

Native American artists from all over will be here to welcome you to Albuquerque just one week before Santa Fe Indian Market! This fantastic event will feature a mix of new and experienced artists who have a working relationship with Wright’s.

Take a look at this talented and varied group:

Abraham Peina – Jewelry

Daryl Begaye – Painting

Gabe Natan – Jewelry

Victor Vigil – Sculpture

Keli’i Eli – Fetish Carving, Sculpture

Ronnie Henry – Jewelry

Nusie Belon – Jewelry

Shawn Sheyka – Jewelry

Steven Lente – Unique Gourdwork

Yvonne Romero – Contemporary Beadwork

Tim Yazzie – Jewelry

Travis Blackbird – Ledger Art

Nate Nez – Painting

Clarence Cruz – Pottery

We look forward to seeing you at this fantastic event!!