Hangin’ with the Masters – Ep. 16: Maxine and Dominique Toya

Wright’s Indian Art is proud to present Hangin’ with the Masters – Episode 16: Maxine and Dominique Toya!!

Maxine and Dominique will be in our gallery on Saturday, May 11th from 11 am until 3 pm.

Maxine is from a prominent family of potters, including grandmother Persingula Gachupin, mother Marie G. Romero and sister Laura Gachupin, all respected, prize-winning artists. In addition to being a noted award-winning potter, Maxine has had a distinguished career as an educator in the Jemez Pueblo school system, from which she recently retired.  She follows the older generation’s legacy of making primarily figures. Hers are notable for their elegance of form and finish. She has said “I want to achieve the balance between traditional and contemporary.” Her work shows that she has achieved that.

Dominique comes from that same amazing family – mother Maxine Toya, sister Camilla Toya, aunt Laura Gachupin, grandmother Marie G. Romero, and great-grandmother Persingula Gachupin, all have significant reputations as potters – and has evolved rapidly from good, to exceptional. The awards for the elegantly formed, finely cut swirl pots that are a trademark of this artist, have gone from blue ribbons to Best of Classification (best of all pottery shown) – at SWAIA Indian Market 2009 – to BEST IN SHOW at another top show, in just a couple of years. Dominique produces beautifully formed and finished pots in other designs, as well. No matter the style, the elements of elegant simplicity and fastidious workmanship, are constants.

Maxine and Dominique will be performing a live pottery demo throughout the show, with opportunities to ask questions and hear stories. This is an incredible and unique chance to get up-close and personal with the pottery making process under the guidance of two master potters. What a treat!

There will also be food provided by Maxine and Dominique, so get ready for their famous Jemez enchiladas, homemade deliciousness straight from their Jemez Pueblo kitchen!

Come join us for an educational, fun, and delicious show…you won’t want to miss this!!