Hangin’ with the Masters – Ep. 14: JJ Otero

Wright’s Indian Art is proud to present Hangin’ with the Masters – Episode 14: JJ Otero!!

JJ will be in our studio on Saturday, March 9th from 12pm until 5pm.

JJ Otero is an artist on the rise! He has been known for his painting and woodwork, has won awards for his music, and now he is growing into an amazing silversmith!

JJ has developed his own aesthetic using different stamping techniques and heavy gauged silver and copper. His line stamping technique allows him to create detailed figures, deep symbolism, and memorable stories in every piece. JJ also titles every bracelet he makes so he can share his message; carved on the inside of each bracelet, the inner beauty is expressed in words instead of symbols.

JJ’s unique texturing technique gives his beautiful jewelry another dimension. His pieces each have an amazing depth and feel to them, exuding emotions and expressing his deep-rooted feelings and struggles. He will be doing a live demo during this event so he can share his process with us.

JJ’s sister, Cleo Otero, will be catering this event, giving it a true family feel! Cleo has been working professionally in the food industry for over 15 years and has a formal education in the culinary arts. She will be making a homemade meal for us, so you’ll definitely want to come and enjoy some amazing food!

This event will include a live stamping demo and music by JJ, as well as food by Cleo’s Catering, so make sure to join us for all the fun!!