Hangin’ with the Masters 2nd Annual Artist Showcase

Wright’s Indian Art is proud to present the Hangin’ with the Masters 2nd Annual Artist Showcase!

The 2nd Annual Artist Showcase will be in our studio on Saturday, August 10th from 11am until 5pm.

Native American artists from all over will be here to welcome you to Albuquerque just one week before Santa Fe Indian Market! This fantastic event will feature a mix of new and experienced artists who have a working relationship with Wright’s.

Representing a variety of tribal origins, from New Mexico and elsewhere, their wares include everything from fetish carvings, jewelry, painting, pottery, and kachina carvings.

This is an opportunity to purchase handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces directly from the artists while making meaningful connections with them in an intimate venue.

Come by Wright’s Indian Art and meet a new generation making Native American art, as well as established and honored artists.

Take a look at this talented and varied group:

David K. John – Paintings

Gene Billie – Jewelry

Irvin Jojola – Kachinas

Tony Chino – Jewelry

Lydia Ray – Pottery

Sylvana Apache and Randy Secatero – Jewelry

Roberta Begaye – Paintings

Jimmy Secatero – Jewelry

Virginia Quam, Abby Quam Panteah, and Chassie Bowannie – Fetish Carvings

Abraham Peina – Jewelry

We look forward to seeing you at this fantastic event!!

Hangin’ with the Masters – Ep. 5: Abby Quam-Panteah and Family

Wright’s Indian Art is proud to present Hangin’ with the Masters – Episode 5: Abby Quam-Panteah and Family!

Zuni carvers Abby Quam-Panteah and her Family will be in the Studio on Saturday, May 19th from 12pm-5pm.

Artists appearing include:

Abby Quam-Panteah – Fetish Carver
Gabriel Quam – Traditional Stone Carver
Chassie Bowannie – Fetish Carver
James Panteah – Fetish Carver

Gabriel will be performing a live traditional carving demo using hand tools, James will provide a display of start to finish carving, and Abby and Chassie will speak about their techniques and some of the meaning behind the carvings.

This promises to be a fantastic family show, so bring everyone with you and come and learn more about this traditional Zuni art form!