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Steven Begay

Steven Begay creates some of the most exceptional Navajo overlay work seen in contemporary Native jewelry. Influenced by the Native American Church, images such as peyote fans, peyote buttons and starburst designs are executed with a bold, contemporary look, set in heavy gauge silver.
Known for his luxuriant yet precise silver work, which is full of exuberant curves and intricate overlay, stamping, and chisel work, his designs are so cleanly executed, and so well planned, that they are simply dramatic, never busy.

At his very first show – the Heard Museum Show – he won Best of Category for a concho belt. At his first Santa Fe Indian Market, he won Best of Category and a Blue Ribbon, for two different pieces.

His sister, Mary, noted for her beautiful silver beads, was married to another fine silversmith – Jack Tom – so there is an impressive amount of talent in this family.