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Steve Lucas

Steve Lucas, has emerged as one of the premier prize-winning potters, of any origin. He has consistently won awards at the most prestigious shows, including Santa Fe Indian Market and Heard Museum Indian Art Fair, etc.
He is a great-great-grandson of the legendary Nampeyo, who revived Hopi pottery designs and forms, over 100 years ago, great-grandson of her eldest daughter, Annie Healing Nampeyo, and grandson of Rachel Namingha Nampeyo.

He continues the designs of these illustrious ancestors, and keeps to the traditions of Native pottery: gathering and making the clay, coiling, pinching, scraping and sanding; painting with natural clay slips and/or plant-derived colors. His pieces are fired in a pit, outdoors. A Mudhead design, along with a cornstalk, symbol of the Nampeyo family’s Corn clan, appear on most of his pots as well as his name.

His work is notable for the elegance of his forms and the precision of his painted designs. Although he follows in the illustrious footsteps of his fore-mothers, he likes to combine traditional designs in ways that create his own look. Steve’s wife Yvonne, of Laguna Pueblo, also makes beautiful traditional pottery, focussing on designs from her own heritage.