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Stephanie “Snowflake Flower” Rhoades

Cochiti Pueblo has a long tradition of figurative pottery, and today storytellers have become very popular to collect. Stephanie Rhoades, who works under the name “Snow Flake Flower” creates whimsical pieces in a distinctive style all her own.
The stories she heard as a child, especially tales of Coyote’s trickster escapades, find expression in her clay creations. Often making the animals themselves the storytellers, Snowflake Flower expresses their significance in the myths of the Cochiti people, with humor and charm.

In most of her work, there is a clay eagle feather attached, somewhere. A couple of decades ago, the potter’s daughter suffered a devastating stroke in childbirth, and remained in a coma for years, before she finally succumbed. The eagle feather signifies a prayer for her.

Stephanie has won numerous awards at Santa Fe Indian Market, and has been featured in several magazine articles and a recently published children’s book. Additionally, she is one of the few potters with a college degree.