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Regis & Sarah Armijo

Daughter of the late Ramona Tapia, this potter states: ” I enjoy working on Santa Clara black pottery. Working on traditional black pottery puts me into my own little world. I married Regis Armijo, from Santa Ana Pueblo, and we have two wonderful boys…. (Since 1992) we live in Santa Ana Pueblo. I lost my mother, Ramona Tapia, in 2003. She was well known…. I am so pleased and thankful that I was taught my mother’s skill. I learned by watching her. She would watch me polish small pieces, then let me know what I was doing wrong. It was from this that I learned how to do my own polishing and painting. To this day, before I start working on my pottery, I pray to her and all of my ancestors who worked on pottery to give me their strength and blessing. I know my mother is there, each and every step. My future goal is to learn the polishing of red pottery with the traditional designs and colors.”