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Randall Chitto

A Choctaw from Mississippi, who lives in New Mexico, he is admired all over the country for his disarming turtle storytellers. According to his Choctaw heritage, turtles are the keepers of stories and history: “Slowly walking back and forth, the turtle fills the gap between now and then, telling us what we need to know. Their hard shells protect them from evil influences. They keep everything inside and practically live forever….”
Often dressed in Plains clothing, sometimes as Pueblo clowns, or, just as wonderfully, simply wearing only their shells, Randy Chitto’s turtles are always delightful. Their joyful smiles invariably bring smiles to onlookers, as well.

His series of bear storytellers are just as appealing.

Randy has been the subject of recent articles about his distinctive work, and won two more awards at this past Santa Fe Indian Market.