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Randall Blaze

Unlike many artists, Randall received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, with honors, from the University of Montana. He has won more than 80 national awards over three decades, and has participated in international exhibitions, as well. Although not at all traditional, his work is also represented in numerous public and private collections.
Currently, he runs the Oglala Art Center, which he established in his homeland of South Dakota. It is responsible for art workshops all over the state, in conjunction with the South Dakota Arts Council. Continuing education classes for adults are also given.He says, “I was taught the concepts and techniques of art by a generation before me, and I will pass that knowledge on to a generation after me.?

Randal Blaze is especially known for large pottery pieces with lids. The clay and glazes are commercial, and the hand cast finials are usually in animal form. He has established an impressive reputation for his art and his community service, both.