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Zuni Warrior Kachina Painting


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Self-taught ( and evidently a prize pupil !), the artist specializes in meticulously detailed miniature paintings of kachinas, as here.

This painting is of Sipikne, the Zuni Warrior kachina. It is an authentic Hopi figure, but was originally, decades, or centuries ago, imported from Zuni.

He is one of the kachinas that guard, oversee and protect.

Painted and adorned with all the traditional colors of the four directions – yellow, blue, white, and red – he carries yucca whips that reinforce his role as a sort of policeman.

The colorful details of his costume are brilliantly painted.

Every element is scrupulously denoted, from toes, to ankle ruffs, to fingers, shells across his chest, bells and ties on his legs, to the lovely bird on his head.

Matted, as the artist brought it in, this will look great in a frame and matte of your choosing, and makes a lovely ensemble with one or more of the other Sumatzkuku kachina watercolors.


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Watercolor and Ink


5" H x 4" W