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Zuni Warrior Carving


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Gregg Lasiloo is considered a leading Zuni kachina carver, known for his abstracted and elegant, contemporary style.

He has been carving for about 25 years, and this Zuni Warrior is an example of his very early style, quite different from that of today.

Starting out around 1993, Gregg kept to the naturalistic style popular at the time, with accents of real materials, other than wood.

This warrior figure looks to be one piece, the most coveted and rarest kind of carving.

It is entirely of wood, except for the yarn ruffs, standing in for evergreen branches, and the leather bandolier bag over the figure’s shoulder.

One thing has remained the same: his use of clear, jewel tones in painting his carvings.

Bright blue, rich green, snowy white, and black are the main colors here, with a pop of red in the moccasins, and a bit of yellow in the flower he holds.

The contrast of dark and saturated colors with the pure white of the kilt, together with the blackened torso and arms, is striking.

Here is a chance to have a handsome, seminal work, from this vaunted carver’s artistic beginnings, to compare with his current, more contemporary style. (At the original price, too.)

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Yarn, Dead Cottonwood Root/ Acrylic Paints


12" H x 71/4" W x 10 1/2" Deep