Zuni Stone Frog Fetish

Orin Eriacho


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Here’s a little brown frog, sittin’ on a crystal…. Not the same words as the old folk song, but a charmer, nonetheless.

Carved from a form of travertine, known as “Zuni” stone, this chunk of stone came with some crystals, attached, which the well-known carver kept as part of the fetish.

Frogs are age-old symbols, connected to rain-bringing, and fertility, since they live in and around water, and produce may gollywogs.

Water is the most precious natural resource for the dry-farming Zuni, out on the high desert, so frogs are considered very good luck.

This smiling example is carved from one piece of rock, and given a wonderful, smooth, caressable finish, while the rock underneath him, was left in its natural state.

The crystalline outcrops add a lighter color and a different texture to the highly polished frog, and the rough stone.

His eyes are inlaid dots of black jet, also native to the Zuni area.

Carved in the old style, with a minimum of detail, this is still a very froggy frog.

He looks so happy and friendly, and is so well-carved, you will enjoy sharing your home with this delightful symbol of abundance.

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