Zuni Rock Frog Fetish


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A notable carver, he is a cousin of the late Roger Tsabetsaye, and was mentored by Bob Walela.

Orin is known for using only rock that he finds in and around Zuni. He will not buy any stone.

This wonderful frog is made of a particularly interesting piece of local travertine, called “Zuni Rock” or “Nutria”.

The stone is unusually uniform in color, without the more common stripes and visible splotches.

The really eye-catching feature is the way the dark travertine flows into the crystalline base, which the artist has cleverly incorporated into his carving.

Abstract, but definitely a large, important frog, the form is beautifully rounded and polished.

Raised bits of natural jet form the eyes, with an etched smile, as seen from the front. From the side, his expression is much more serious.

Gleaming, smooth and sleek to the touch, in the main, that rough crystallized base is a delightful esthetic and tactile surprise.

This is a most substantial frog, and he knows it!

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