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Zuni Deer Pot with Rosette


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Zuni ollas are not commonly found, and this one is uncommonly well done, besides.

The traditional deer design is depicted in an original, stylized way while keeping all the sought-after elements: deer with heart lines, rain signs, feathers, clouds, birds, and that stunning, large rosette.

Painted with crisp precision, using all natural clay slips and vegetal pigment, the design is extremely pleasing and varied.

Deer are animals that provide meat and leather, as well as antlers to carve, so are highly valued and prayed for.

They are shown with heart lines that indicate the source of their attributes.  Quail, also are prized for their meat and eggs.

Feathers represent prayers, and there is also a band of rain signs in the center of one side of the olla, to encourage the growth of crops.

That gorgeous rosette represents both thriving plant life and the sun, needed to balance rain to produce a good harvest.

Hopes and prayers for prosperity, good health and happiness are encased in this pot.

The exterior is a decorative complex of beautifully painted motifs, all arranged to enhance the form of the olla.

A well-formed shape and richly painted facade, with a seriously traditional message.



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Vegetal Paint, Natural Handmade Clay and Clay Slip


6 1/4" H x 7" diameter