Zuni Deer Bowl


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Priscilla is considered one of the top pottery artists of Zuni. Her family includes other prize-winning potters, such as her sister Agnes, and brother Anderson.

This large bowl is decorated in typical Zuni motifs, including a deer, with a heartline.

The shape is beautiful, elegantly tapered, and broad at the top, offering an unobstructed view of her superior technique of smoothing the coils which formed the piece.

The all-over pattern consists of linear rain motifs, water spirals, and graceful plant tendrils.

Painted with a wild spinach-derived black paint, the designs stand out with graphic contrast against the warm red clay background.

Tiny accents of white clay slip animate the palette.

The pattern is achieved with an assured precision and exhibits fluid, decorative, pointed forms; an effect that goes well with the sharp taper of the bowl’s shape.

At the bottom, the piece is covered with a stippled black area, emphasizing the ground from which the plant forms spring.

Perfectly shaped, immaculately decorated, and striking in color contrast, this lovely bowl is a wonderful example of a veteran potter at the top of her art form.

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Natural Handmade Clay, Natural Clay Slip and Vegetal Paint


5" H x 8 1/2" Diameter