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Zuni Clouds Pendant/Wall Hanging with Turquoise


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Silvester has been a self-taught artist since the age of five!

He won a Youth Division award from the Heard Museum Market when he was only nine, and the museum then bought the award-winning piece that Silvester created.

As a young adult artist, he went to New York City to absorb the variety of art found there, which has only pushed him to new heights!

Truly unique among his peers, he has developed into an envelope-pushing artist who revels in combining materials and techniques, as his style unites contemporary, abstract art and unusual mediums with his Zuni traditions.

Silvester’s work has already been noted at the most prestigious Indian art shows, as well as national art magazines.  The creative use of mixed media, as here, is one of his hallmarks.

This bright and beautiful pendant/wall hanging is another mixed media and multiple-use piece, wearable, and able to be displayed on your wall!

The theme is water and prosperity, with the clouds, rain, and lightning essential to healthy crops and livestock, which in turn benefits the people of the Pueblo. The turquoise usually symbolizes protection for all.

The beautiful color scheme includes colors that exude balance, a key tenet of many Native cultures.

A very different artist, a very unique piece, and multiple uses too…what’s not to love!!

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Acrylic Paint, Turquoise, Wood


4 1/2"


2 1/2"