Zig-Zag Overlay Cuff


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The precision of his silver work is one reason for this award-winning artist’s high reputation; the harmony of his designs is another.

You can see both in this arresting cuff.

It is a modern interpretation of ancient water and storm symbols, referring to really good luck in the high desert of the Navajo lands.

The design was hand fabricated in two layers of silver, fused together.

The polished pattern was cut out and soldered to the bottom layer, which was also cut out, and oxidized for contrast.

The glistening pattern stands out – literally – in beautiful contrast to the dark background.

Cutting the edges to follow the zig-zag water pattern adds to the dynamic effect of the design.

Angular lines represent flowing water, while the squared-off spirals, in the center, are symbols for storm clouds and wind.

Striking, but simple, this bracelet is painstakingly and impeccably executed, by hand.

A handsome, creative vision has been realized with the highest quality of artistry and skill.

Although graphically modern in appearance, the design elements are ancient.

Beautifully dramatic, expressing an age-old hope for the best of luck, this bracelet is bold, elegant, yet wearable every day.

If you wear a large cuff size, whether man or woman, you are lucky indeed!

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