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Zig-Zag Overlay and Inlaid Bracelet


Interesting bracelet with inlaid band of multi-stones across cuff, and two, stepped overlay silver elements placed catty-corner on opposite sides of the cuff, so they rise above and below, beyond the 3/4″ wide cuff.

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Hank lives far out on the Navajo Reservation. His combination of daring design, wonderful and colorful stones, and traditional elements, result in maximum drama. HIs work has not only won him awards and fellowships, but devoted collectors all over the country.

This is an older piece of his, that we rediscovered while taking inventory. As they say, you never know what you’ll find when you clean house! A lovely, lucky find, this singular bracelet is quintessential Hank Whitethorne, with satiny inlay, exacting overlay, beautiful colors and creative, dramatic design. Smooth and polished on the inside, it is also very comfortable to wear. And the luck is also yours, the new owners’, since the price is an old one, too!

The stepped overlay silver rows jut up and down, beyond the horizontal band of inlaid stones. They are traditional symbols of rain, but created and placed in a totally non-traditional way. Marching calmly in a line, bisecting the silver rain symbols, the various stones are inlaid so that complementary colors are next to one another, heightening their impact. The greenish turquoise complements the red stones and the purple sugilite, while the dark blue lapis shares an affinity with green.

Startling in appearance, at first, the innovative design is both handsome on the wrist, and comfortable to wear. It is a beautiful amalgam of traditional elements that are transformed into a contemporary work of art by this very gifted jeweler.

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Coral, Lapis, Sugilite, Spiny Oyster Shell, Sterling Silver, Turquoise

Cuff Size

5 3/4"

Gap Size


Wrist Size

6 3/4"