Young Lizard Fetish


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Sharing her name with one of the leading carving families in Zuni, it is almost a given that this younger member should create well-made fetishes, too.

This appealing little lizard is confirmation – adorably juvenile in proportions, he sits, tail curled to the side, ready to spring and flit away any moment.

Carved from one piece of lizard-green serpentine, he is life-like and wonderfully detailed, in the Cheama family’s prize-winning tradition.

Head tilted, and bright blue turquoise eyes on the alert, he seems to be smiling.

Naturalistic scales are etched all over the body and head, even the tail. Lizard-y claws are also clearly carved.

This little lizard is destined to delight saurian lovers, and all admirers of fine carving.

Protect your house and garden from insects, with this friendly, charmingly plump lizard fetish.

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Serpentine, Stabilized Turquoise


2" L x 1 3/8" W x 7/8" H