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“Yellow Corn Dreaming of Rain”


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Zachariah Ben, son of the famed Joe Ben Jr., is a young artist who follows his father’s footsteps in more ways than one.

Not only is he learning the traditional ways, but he is also learning the artistic ways as well!

Manipulating the hand-ground mineral colors into precise lines and modulated, painterly areas, using only his fingers, he creates modern expressions of traditional motifs.

Corn is the staff of life for southwestern Natives, and rainwater in any form – is the most precious of resources.

In this abstract composition, he evokes the sun-warmed, gold stalks of corn reaching out to the blue dawn sky, which is studded with traditional symbols for the four corners of the earth.

The blessing of rain is meant to extend all over the earth, to everyone.

At the top left, a thunderous dark sky is carved into vertical lines, with vertical dashes of color.

This represents the rain, and the border around it, a rainbow.

With dramatic shapes, glorious color – all of it from powdered natural materials – and a traditional message, this glowing sand painting will bring beauty to your wall, in any weather.

A first-rate example of a family’s talent and tradition.

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Wood | Chrysocolla | Gypsum | Ochre | Sandstone | Volcanic Ash | Glue


11 3/4" L X 9 3/4" W x 1 1/4" Deep