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Yei Trio Bracelet


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Sometimes less is more, but sometimes more is magnificent – as in this spectacular bracelet.

With a jet black background, dark as the night sky, the other inlaid elements – stars and celestial objects, ceremonial figures – really stand out.

Polished sterling makes a moon-struck frame for the inlay, and the other colors are vibrant and varied, in vivid contrast.

Three ovals portray ceremonial Yei figures. Each Yei is similar, but different.

Each one is portrayed with a variation of the inlaid stone arrangement; the centerpiece has a more elaborate design.

Brilliant green gaspeite shares the stage with coral, lapis, turquoise, sugilite, mother of pearl, and inlaid silver, for more sparkle.

Mother of pearl faces and feathers glow softly, as in moonlight, while the silver glitters like the stars.

In the center oval, a comet streaks above the head of the spirit, with a red coral head, while a mother of pearl star gleams brightly to the right.

The two side figures are slightly smaller, with complementary colors in their designs.

Planets and distant stars are sprinkled against the jet skies in each of these.

The silver work and designs are in keeping with the intricacy of the inlaid designs.

Curlicues, shells, feathered fans, and other stamp work adorn each side of the bracelet.

Rope bezels surround the inlaid ovals, and tiny fluted beads sparkle between them.

The design, in both inlay and silver, is complex, traditional, elaborate and luxurious.

This is not at all minimalist, but resplendent with skill, color and decorative beauty.

Outstanding, and resplendent.


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Lapis, Sugilite, Black Jet, Gaspeite, Mother of Pearl, Natural Red and Pink Coral, Sterling Silver, Turquoise

Cuff Size


Gap Size

1 1/8"

Wrist Size

7 1/8"


1 1/4"