Yei Spoon


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This jeweler has been a consistent prize-winner, and was featured in a recent book by respected Native jewelry expert and author, Mark Bahti. Using the sand cast technique, she has created an unusual, charming and functionapiece, featuring a Yei, the Navajo spiritual figure. The Yei is often seen in sand paintings. Here, the angular form gives the solid silver handle of the spoon a wonderfully graphic outline that contrasts nicely with the rounded, shape of the gleaming silver bowl. The sand cast handle is soldered onto the bowl just as the old time silversmiths of Europe and America constructed spoons, with a pointed end, for extra strength.A wonderful housewarming gift, or a special treat for yourself; this elegantly proportioned spoon will make jam, honey, or whipped cream taste even better.

Sterling Silver

Width: 7/8″ Height: 4″ Depth: 3/8″