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Yei Portrait “We are One”


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Table-sized, and packed with color, texture and meaning, this little portrait will enliven your wall, as well as any other surface. This noted painter is best known for large-format work, but brings the same expertise and drama to this fine piece.

On a background of glowing coral, he has painted a Navajo Yei, portrayed by a human dancer. Although the style is beautifully impressionistic, certain details stand out. Eagle feathers point up from his head, a turquoise jacla necklace hangs down, in counterpoint, on his chest, and a luxuriant ruff of evergreen boughs encircles his neck. The paint is applied with a marvelous impasto – thick texture – into which the spiral of water is subtly carved. This suggests the Yei is praying for abundance, prosperity, good health; all resulting from the balance of water and sun.

The predominant hue is as fiery as the bonfire supposedly behind the dancer, but, looking closely, you will see many colors in addition, especially in the face.The cool hues of the evergreens and the turquoise complement the heated background, while the darks in the hair and feathers anchor it all. A vivid, decorative work by an award-winning painter, ready to hang or display.



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Acrylic Paint, Canvas


6" high x 4" wide