Yebechei Mask


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A noted painter, David K. John uses his wonderful sense of color in his popular clay masks, as well.

Here, he has crafted a female Yebechei mask, painted in bright, vivid colors.

On the bottom right of the mask is a deep, luxurious blue that morphs into greens, oranges, and reds as it moves across the mask.  These are the colors of the earth – the reds and oranges represent the land, the blues the sky, and the waters.

On the left side of the mask is another Yebechei figure, expertly painted onto the face of the mask.  The Yebechei is an intermediary between people on earth and the heavens, so the mask symbolizes prayers for the world as a whole, from the earth to the sky, for land and water, and for all things living within them.

Framed by beautiful feathers on the top representing the prayers flying up to the heavens, and wooden weaving sticks and reeds on either side, the mask is earthy and full of strength.

Expertly painted in a lovely modulation of colors, and equally well-modeled clay, this mask is a vibrant addition to a wall of art, and looks just as striking, on its own.

With handsome color and traditional meaning, this is a special piece by an acknowledged, award-winning artist.

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Reeds, Wooden Weaving Sticks, Acrylic Paint, Leather, Natural Clay, Natural Feathers




15 1/8"