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Yebeche’i Drawing


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This important Navajo spirit is personified in the nine-day Night Chant ceremony.

The ceremony is usually invoked to bring harmony to someone who is ill, in body or spirit; often for returning veterans, or people who have lived away from the reservation for some time, as well as the physically ill.

This detailed and precise drawing is done in charcoal, on paper, so the Yebeche’i’s blue face is not visible.

It was a prize-winner in the Youth Division at the Navajo Nation Fair, a few years ago; the artist was a teenager.

With exemplary control of the medium, the young artist employed shading, densely black areas, and wonderfully delicate detail.

The ruff of leaves, the curly hair, and the pouf of feathers at the side of the head, anchoring the two sacred eagle feathers, are all depicted with awesome delicacy and accuracy.

A wonderfully balanced composition adds to this fine portrayal. This young man is going to be heard of, more and more.

Ready to hang and admire. Start collecting him before he becomes a famous name!

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Charcoal, Custom Mattes and Frame, Glass, Paper


23 1/2" L x 19 1/2" W