Wooden Petroglyph and Ye’i Piece


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A fascinating wall hanging by an artist who forgot to sign it!

A creative evocation of the need for heavenly intervention to assure good health, happiness, and abundance, with dynamic color.

It resembles the work of David K. John but is not his. Is the artist Navajo? (We think so.) Does it matter?

The work speaks for itself: a natural slice of wood, painted in gentle and saturated colors, depicting traditional symbols of good luck.

At the bottom, a cornstalk gestates in the dark underworld, with a dragonfly near it.

Corn is the Native staff of life; dragonflies live on and above water, which is necessary for all life.

Above the cornstalk, the gold and new-leaf green of the earth blend into puffy clouds against a lovely blue sky.

A petroglyph figure of a hunter floats in the sky, which merges into the coppery red of land, and sunset, with a water spiral and another petroglyph figure.

The coppery red is actually metallic, copper paint, which adds another texture with its gleaming.

The top of the piece is painted in solid, emphatic colors, forming a generic dancer’s mask, or fanciful Ye’i mask, with natural feathers above its head.

Stepped rain signs are in black, along with golden yellow abstract feathers, which refer to prayers (for rain).

With the organic form of the wood and the interesting arrangement of colors and painting technique, this is an eye-catching addition to a wall.

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Acrylic Paint, Natural Feathers, Wood


18 1/4" L (including feathers) x 4 1/2" W (8 1/2" W with feathers)