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Wood Pottery Plaque


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Seen it all? Here is something really different: a painting of Hopi pottery, on wood!

An ingenious, creative innovation by a Hopi artist, this is a fascinating alternative to a painting on canvas.

A composition of four different pieces of pottery, all formed and painted in authentic Hopi style, fills –  and even spills over – the edges of a lustrous, straw-colored wooden rectangle.

The profusion of rounded forms is a marvelous contrast to the rigid rectangular lines of the background wood.

This artistic choice gives the plaque enormous vitality and presence.

Each painted pottery piece has a voluptuous form that fills – and even spills over – the borders.

Even the painted decorations on each pot are a combination of curves, with a few straight lines to anchor them.

The designs, like the shapes, are traditional Hopi elements found on actual pottery, although the happy Hopi Maiden on the tall jar is a modern touch.

The brown border contains the exuberant forms within the confines of the wooden rectangle.

Jazz up your wall with its vibrant colors; the rich assortment of reds and oranges pulsate with warmth, while the accents of black dampen the fire.

This would look wonderful anywhere in the house, but especially in a kitchen or dining room, we think.

Go bold, and enjoy this innovative piece of art.

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Acrylic Paint, Wood


9" H x 16" W