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Wood Medicine Bear


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Gregg is considered a leading Zuni carver, known for his abstract, contemporary style.

Here, he has combined his, and his tribe’s, kachina and fetish traditions in a carved wooden fetish/sculpture.

The bear is a major protective animal, Guardian of the West, in Zuni culture.

Most tribes, across the continent, also revere the bear for its hunting and survival skills, and impressive strength.

This unique bear is characteristic of Gregg’s work: graceful, elegant, even, paradoxically, almost delicate.

Wonderfully smooth, a natural cottonwood branch displays its lovely graining, with accents of deep red and blues.

The traditional heart line, showing the seat of the animal’s power, is etched into the sides and painted a rich red.

Carved “feathers” and a wood arrowhead replicate the medicine bundle, that conveys the bear’s attributes to the owner.

Turquoise is set on the arrowhead, and two stands of turquoise heishi beads tie the medicine bundle on the bear’s back.

The blue feathers sweep up in a graceful curve, complementing the gentle arc of the heart line, the shape of the bear itself, and the curves of the base.

Dark blue and sky blue decorate the inner sides of the bear, and the rim of the base, so there is repetitive harmony in color, as well as in form.

Tiny rounds of onyx represent the eyes; the only touch of color that is different.

A true sculpture, this bear is as handsome from every side and angle.

Enjoy the protection of this iconic animal, and the pleasure of his unusual beauty.

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Acrylic Paint, dead cottonwood, Black Onyx, Turquoise Heishi


8 1/2" H x 10" L x 5 1/4" W