“Woman in the Wind”


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Poetry in stone, by a quadruple blue-ribbon winner.

Known primarily as a sculptor, this petite dynamo won first place ribbons in clothing, jewelry and painting, as well as sculpture, at the same Santa Fe Indian Market!

Here, she has manipulated Italian ice alabaster into a sinuous, flowing figure.  At first glance, the woman in the wind is easily missed, but upon closer inspection, her lovely and intricately carved face can be seen beneath the shadow of the stone that does, indeed, seem to be flying in the wind.

Translucent and delicate, seemingly fragile, the woman in stone is perched on an equally graceful wooden base, a dark contrast to the creamy white of the sculpture itself.

Carved with expert skill, the inert stone is transformed  by artistry.

The sweeping curves of both materials and the luminous quality of the alabaster create pure artistic magic.

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Italian Ice Alabaster




11 1/2"