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Wolf Warriors – “Crazy Dogs” Painting


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A younger Navajo artist, his graffiti style incorporates his fierce adherence to Native cultures, as well as a definite, 21st-century vision, and admirable artistry.

This truck-driver, meat preparation chef, and, undoubtedly, mega-talented artist, portrays a group of Plains warriors, with a ferocious, wolf spirit hovering over them.

This is a painting that will grab you with its power, full of motion and expression.

The subject is traditional; so are the mounted warriors, but not their depiction.

They are displayed in dark silhouette, with no details visible, but with feathers, pennants, horses, poses, and leggings clearly recognizable – a sign of the artist’s talent.

Above the line of men and horses, a snarling spirit wolf bares his ferocious fangs.

He is depicted on a much larger scale than the warriors, with a heavy, furry pelt reaching almost to the figures below.

The painting of the wolf is expressionistic, with animated slashes of light colors and black accents, but, again, fully recognizable.

A palette of greys, black, white and soft gold is found all over the painting, uniting the disparate elements.

White seems to frame the painting at the outer edges, with more elaborate suggestions of frames-within-the-frame, at the sides and top.

Throughout the painting, a spatter of white resembles snowfall, that, with the suggestion of snow on the ground before the warriors, and the neutral palette and blurred background give the piece a wintry, dreamlike feel.

It is as if the figures and spirit wolf might be mirages, conjured up by the blizzard, or the artist’s mind.

With dynamic movement, expertly rendered subjects, vigorous and assured application of paint, and a surreal effect, the painting is a powerful and memorable one.

We look forward to further examples of this unique talent, but now is the time to catch the artist on the way up!

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Aerosol Paint, Acrylic Paint, Canvas


22" H x 28" W