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Winter Warrior Pendant


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Gene has taught himself to respect and work with Sterling Silver, Gold, and various metals.  There are no boundaries and limits to his art. Gene desires to express himself with a paradox of classical art and beauty through a modern and creative form of art.

He gives form to metal with only minimal tools of the metalsmith.  Shapes emerge with beauty that is exceptional, unique and one of a kind. The subjects that come from mind to life regarding his creations are spontaneous interpretations of his culture. – Credit to Native Jewelers Society

This Winter Warrior Pendant is a perfect example of his love and respect for the materials he uses, and the culture he is a part of.

The blue of the turquoise and the Blue Mountain jasper that Gene has expertly blended together immediately evokes a feeling of cold.  The mouth of the warrior is shaped in an “o” as if he is breathing out, and watching his breath turn to mist in the cold air.

Atop the warrior’s head is a trio of feathers, fabricated from sheets of silver, and the Blue Mountain jasper, which is meant to represent the blanket that is wrapped around the warrior, has silver details stamped and soldered on the top edge, showing the edges of the blanket.

The mirror polish of the silver is another reference to Winter, it’s bright and reflective surface reminiscent of a field of snow.

A stunning piece crafted by a true master, this Winter Warrior is waiting to keep you company through the cold months ahead!

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Blue Mountain Jasper, Natural Castle Dome Turquoise, Sterling Silver


3 3/4"


1 1/4"