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Winter Scene


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This is a beautifully realized evocation of a cold winter’s day out on the Navajo lands of New Mexico and Arizona. The palette of cool greys and icy pale blues perfectly convey the wintry chill.

Chris is part of a noted family of artists, so his self-taught talent comes naturally. His work, whether opaque watercolors, as here, acrylics or oils, is always meticulously realistic.

Beyond merely accurate depictions, his work – and this beautiful painting –  is imbued with a meditative, poetic ambience.

Full of light, and a powerful stillness, you can almost feel the frigid air. A light cover of snow lies on the ground, and the steely overcast sky implies more is on the way.

Wonderfully textured dark green foliage, in the foreground, leads us into the far distance. There the solid and rocky crags echo those dark hues.

Standing tall against the implacable sky, the rock formations create a natural skyline. All is silent; the earth seems frozen into immobility.

The spectator is alone in this impressive and chilly landscape, but along with the aura of cold, the mood is also, somehow poetic.

Expertly painted, this lovely piece, with its perspective of immense distance and unyielding Nature, is as tranquil as it is powerful; it invites you in, to stay a while.

Custom framed, with archival mattes, this painting is ready to bring into your home.


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Custom Mattes and Frame, Glass, Gouache


14" H x 17" W framed