“Winter Comes”


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An appealing sculpture in alabaster, that evokes the cold winds of winter with skill and charm.

The female figure is huddled into her fringed blanket; the biting air is almost palpable.

The natural alabaster is both polished, in the head of the figure and the blanket, and left textured, in the fringe and pleated skirt.

This adds wonderfully to the visual interest of the piece, which is otherwise minimally detailed.

Nevertheless, the hunched stance of the figure, the beautiful polish that reveals the subtleties of the stone, and the suggestion of the blanket’s draping, high around the neck and ears, all contribute emotion and realism.

A fine size to display anywhere, this table sculpture is serene, at first glance, yet conveys the stoicism of the figure, faced with a long, cold season.

The sculptor has carved beauty, feeling, and realism with a minimum of detail; true artistry.

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Natural Alabaster, Wood


4 1/2" H x 2" W x 1 1/4" Deep