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Wind and Rain Tufa Cast Band


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A major presence in the Indian art world, this avidly collected jeweler has a special ability to use traditional Hopi motifs and techniques in a thoroughly contemporary way.

The precision and solidity of his work is also legendary.

Using the almost-forsaken technique of true tufa casting, he uses the texture of the naturally compacted sand and contrasts that with polishing the raised designs.

Here, he incorporates angular symbols of rain clouds and circles of raindrops on one band.

Rain is the greatest blessing for the landlocked, desert-dwelling Hopi, so this ring symbolizes lots of good luck.

Without referring to Hopi lore, the symbols create a pleasing, geometric design. Inside, all is smoothed for comfort.

Like all of this much-honored jeweler’s work, this ring manages to be rugged and elegant at the same time – and a deal, besides!

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Sterling Silver

Ring Size

13 1/4