Wide Triangle-Patterned Cuff

Anderson Koinva


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Strikingly graphic, geometric, refined, and meticulous in execution, this overlaid silver bracelet is chic and glamorous, but suitable for everyday wear.

Dramatically modern in appearance, it is actually very traditional in inspiration.

Precisely cut out of one layer of silver, regular rows of sharply defined triangles march at the diagonal, across the blackened bottom layer of silver.

The rigorous geometry of the design, and the gleaming silver against matte black, give the bracelet a splendidly contemporary look.

However, the triangles represent raindrops, symbols of very good luck, since the Hopi are dry farmers, reliant on rain to irrigate their crops.

All symbols signifying water, rain, storms, streams, etc. are revered. So, this is really a very traditional inspiration for the artist’s creativity.

With, or without, knowing the significance of the design, this is a breathtaking bracelet.

The generous width amplifies the wonderful symmetry of the design.

The edges are rounded and brilliantly polished, for maximum effect and contrast.

This dazzling bracelet will go with all manner of clothing, adding indisputable style and panache – even to your going-on-errands jeans.

It is an instant heirloom that will be a favorite for generations.

PS Don’t be put off by the recorded wrist size of 7″

The cuff is very round, and the edges curve in, so it fits  a 6 1/2″ wrist size fine.

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