Wide Repousse Cuff


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In the front ranks of major award-winning jewelers, Lyndon Tsosie has a legion of avid, international collectors.

He is especially known for gorgeously decorative inlaid pieces, but in this stunning bracelet, he displays his awesome talents with just silver.

Boldly dramatic, the bracelet reverts to the elemental beauty of stamped, chiseled, and repousse silver in a super-confident, broad width that demands attention.

The artist is very mindful of his Navajo heritage and likes to incorporate tradition in a modern, personal way, as here.

With a play of gleaming reflections, subtle texture, and virtuoso silverwork, this wide cuff is intriguing in design and exceptionally handsome.

Notable in the design is its asymmetry: the design is balanced, but the center has repousse designs on one side, and stamped motifs on the other.

Lyndon makes his own stamps, so those on this bracelet are fascinating, in their variety and uniqueness.

Even the edges of the bracelet are unusual in design, with one-half robustly chiseled, and the other, minutely cut. This pattern is reversed on each edge.

On one end of the cuff, is a tiny vignette of bygone Navajo life; a little traditional hogan, with smoke wafting, from the center chimney, into the starlit sky, just above the artist’s name.

He is nostalgic about his upbringing on the Navajo reservation and has used the iconic hogan as a symbol of family, and spiritual and emotional beauty, in other pieces.

The other end of the cuff exhibits more warlike motifs: they look like airplanes, rockets, and bombs, along with textured stamps overlying more traditional stamps.

There are also two, little human stick-figures, in primitive, petroglyph style.

Several arrowheads and arrows point from the center of the bracelet, toward the figures, and the military motifs.

It seems as if the artist is saying, perhaps, that the conflicts of contemporary life are obliterating traditional Navajo beliefs and ways of life.

That is one interpretation, of the design; the beauty of the varied, but balanced and compatible, patterns – as well as the superb execution – makes interpretation insignificant.

Assertive in size and heft of the silver, the curves of the repousse center, and the artfully created balance, soften the impact.

As always, this famous artist’s interest and ability to explore a variety of styles and technical challenges. places him in an elite category.

This is a sensational bracelet, in every way, and will surely attract admiring attention – for generations.

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Sterling Silver

Wrist Size

5 3/4" + 1 1/8" Gap | 6 7/8" all around


2 1/4" W