Wide Natural #8 Turquoise Cuff


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Really creative artists are often curious, and able to explore a variety of styles and technical challenges.

Highly reputed, internationally collected, award-winning jeweler, Lyndon Tsosie, surely fits into this elite category.

He continues to astonish with his constantly evolving imagination, and expert manipulation of the finest materials.

This splendid bracelet is a gorgeous example.

A breathtaking, perfect, natural turquoise from the legendary Number 8 mine in Nevada, is held in a hand-cut bezel.

This spectacular turquoise is one of the three most coveted of American turquoise and notoriously hard to find in its optimal form.

A cabochon of this size, perfection, and rounded form, is enough to make strong men weep.

It needs only a simple setting, and Lyndon has kept to modified tradition to set it off.

The super-star turquoise is flanked by a row of polished silver beads, and impeccable hand stamping.

The gorgeous stone is centered in the wide silver cuff, with tiny stamped stars, above it and below.

Five silver domes gleam on either side, like a royal guard, while the rounded silver lines echo the domed shapes of both the silver and the turquoise.

To compare and contrast, the artist has added a row of oblique stamps to the two center bands.

This texture accords with the dentil-cut bezel and continues the delicate spiderweb pattern of the stone’s matrix.

An interesting touch is the sawtooth cutting on the bottom right and upper left of the bracelet’s edge.

This, too, repeats the cuts in the bezel around the magnificent turquoise, and also contrasts with the general curviness of the design. A masterful accent.

Featuring that prized turquoise, the bracelet is also beautifully designed and executed.

Each element supports the other, in a setting worthy of this precious stone.

A bracelet for the ages, and a future museum, perhaps.

Note: Since it is rather wide, this bracelet may feel a bit smaller than its actual wrist size.



Additional information


Natural #8 Turquoise, Sterling Silver

Cuff Size

5 1/2"

Gap Size

1 1/4"

Wrist Size

6 3/4"


2" wide