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White Wedding Vase


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An unusually elegant wedding vase: tall, with slender, elongated spouts and handle.

With no ornamentation, beyond a sculpted ridge just below the neck, it is the essence of minimalist beauty.

Perfectly formed and finished, the natural, white Acoma clay is burnished to a low sheen.

Hand coiled and smoothed, of hand gathered and mixed clay, it is totally traditional in material and technique.

And totally contemporary in sublime simplicity and form.

This will look impressive in any decor, short of the rococo – modern, country, traditional, eclectic.

A superb and imposing piece.

We include a description of the role of the wedding vase in Pueblo ceremonies, written by a Santa Clara potter, with every purchase of one.

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Natural Clay


11 3/4" high x 7 5/8" wide x 7 5/8" deep