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White Rabbit with Blanket


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All dressed up and nowhere to go? Or is this handsomely attired rabbit waiting for the ceremony to begin?


Unlike the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland – always late and in a rush – he looks very patient, calmly seated. Marvin Jim, one of the most acclaimed folk artists, has carved another winsome figure that combines both animal and human characteristics.


A carefully naturalistic white rabbit is dressed to the nines in a mustard-gold shirt, with a beautiful necklace and bracelets. This dapper bunny sports a traditional, blue turquoise and clamshell heishi necklace, and matching cuffs.


Must be rather cool weather because his lower body is swathed in a brightly hued blanket. The drape of the blanket beautifully hints at the crossed legs/paws underneath, while one moccasin-shod limb peeks out, in front.

Fine carving, vibrant colors and a smile-inducing subject, just the thing to brighten your day, every day!


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Paint, Wood


6 3/4" high x 4 3/4" wide x 5" deep