White on Black Fan Vase


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A stunner, by one of the descendants of Pueblo people who fled south in the late 1600’s when the Spaniards reclaimed control after the Pueblo Revolt of 1680.

Pottery shards discovered in the 1970’s have led to a renaissance of the historic pottery tradition of the area.

Now, the area in northern Mexico creates a wide range of handmade pottery.

Some of these indigenous artists replicate designs that are eerily similar to Pueblo pottery, while some, as seen here, create totally new ones.

Traditional or personal, all the pottery starts with hand-gathered natural clays, and hand-coiled forms, just like their distant relatives up North, in New Mexico and Arizona.

This vase is exceptionally beautiful in form, as well as in the hand-painted design of interlocking fans or leaves.

Gorgeous in elegant shape and dazzling design, it is large enough to command a space of its own.

NOTE: the term ”vase”, refers to the shape, with its long, graceful neck.

DO NOT ever fill it with water, or it will disintegrate. (Dried or silk foliage and blossoms are fine.)

However, you might just want to admire its graceful silhouette without distraction.

Flawlessly made, remarkably decorated, this is a fabulous piece of pottery.

A real bonus: since the economy is different, south of the border, this piece is priced at about half of what it would cost if made in the USA .

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