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White Kiva Pot


Pristine white globular olla with tall neck sculpted into Pueblo ruins, with wood ladder emerging from it.

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Wilfred Garcia is known for his elegant, un-ornamented pottery, beautifully formed and finished, featuring the pristine white clay of his Acoma Pueblo. This unusual olla is one of his signature pieces.

Coiled, smoothed, and burnished by hand, of hand-gathered natural clay, the opulently rounded base is surmounted by a tall neck. Sculpted into the base is a partial pueblo village, much like the ruins at Chaco Canyon, or Mesa Verde. Steps lead up to the irregularly shaped top of the neck, as into a kiva (sacred, ceremonial space). A hand-made wooden ladder emerges from this, just as they do in reality.

The rotund body of the piece is absolutely plain, burnished to a low sheen. The houses of the ruins are textured, with plain windows and a door.  The door even has a lintel above it.

As in all his work, the purity of the white clay, and the simplicity of the forms are stunning. This is tradition transformed into contemporary beauty.

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Natural Clay, Wood


12 1/4" with ladder, 9 3/4" without ladder


8" diameter