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White Horse Watercolor


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This is a vintage piece, since the artist’s life ended much too soon, in the 1970’s. Apaches have historically been known as horse-lovers (and superb riders), and Vigil lavished wonderful detail and realism on his paintings of horseflesh.

This is one proud and handsome horse! Notice the delicately painted mane and tail, the strong muscular body, modeled head and natural proportions.

This beautiful white horse is buffeted by the wind on the high desert plain, and the artist’s skill has rendered it almost palpable – you can just about feel the wind scudding the clouds along, and blowing the mane and tail into lacy patterns.

Below, his shapely hooves kick up puffs of dust. The palette of blues and greys conveys the unsettled weather, and the clouds brilliantly reinforce the energy of both Nature and the horse.

With compelling movement, and a wealth of fine detail, this watercolor shows the skill and love for horses that characterized this gifted painter.

Matted, ready to frame and hang.


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Gouache (Opaque Watercolors) on Paper, Matte


22 1/2 "L x 19 1/2" W (matted)